How to find and book a stay in a historic Scottish castle?

Scotland hosts some of the world's most majestic castles, offering you the opportunity to step back in time. Immerse yourself in Scotland's rich history by booking a stay in a centuries-old castle. This article will guide you on how to find and book a room in one of these magical locations.

Discovering the Best Castles to Stay in Scotland

Before booking your stay, it's crucial to identify the castles that best suit your taste and budget. Scotland boasts an impressive array of castles, each with their unique charm and history. From the historic fortress in the Highlands to the romantic castles overlooking the Scottish lochs, the choices are varied and plentiful.

Edinburgh Castle is arguably the most famous castle in Scotland. Perched on Castle Rock, this 12th-century fortress offers picturesque views of Edinburgh's skyline. Several hotels are located within walking distance, offering you the luxury of staying near this iconic landmark.

Venturing into the Scottish Highlands, Inverlochy Castle Hotel provides a splendid stay. Nestled among the lush greenery, it offers stunning views of Ben Nevis, Scotland's highest mountain. This 19th-century castle offers luxury rooms and fine dining, promising a stay that combines comfort and elegance.

Another irresistible choice is Ackergill Tower, a 15th-century castle located near the Scottish coastline. With its private beach and 3,000 acres of land, it offers an exclusive and serene retreat.

Booking your Scottish Castle Stay

Once you've selected your ideal castle, the next step is booking your stay. Depending on the castle, there may be several options available to book your room. These can range from booking directly through the castle's website, using a hotel booking platform, or even contacting a travel agent.

Most castle hotels have their own websites where you can book your stay directly. This not only guarantees you the best price available but also enables you to choose your preferred room. For instance, on the Inverlochy Castle Hotel website, you can browse through their various room options and select one that best suits your needs.

Hotel booking platforms such as and Expedia also offer a wide range of castle hotels. These platforms let you compare prices, check availability, and read reviews from previous guests. It's a convenient way of booking your stay, especially if you're planning to visit multiple locations during your Scottish tour.

Lastly, travel agents can also assist in booking your castle stay. They can offer personalized advice based on your preferences and budget, and even help plan your entire Scottish travel itinerary.

Preparing for your Castle Stay

Staying in a castle hotel is a unique experience, but it's different from your typical hotel stay. Prepare yourself for a trip down memory lane as you navigate through the castle's ancient hallways and luxurious rooms. It's essential to pack appropriately and acquaint yourself with the castle's history to fully appreciate your stay.

Most castle hotels in Scotland have embraced a blend of old and new. While retaining their historical charm, they offer modern amenities such as Wi-Fi, ensuite bathrooms, and even spa facilities. Pack your essentials, but don't forget to bring a good book and a camera to capture the castle's stunning views.

To enhance your stay, delve into the castle's history before your visit. Each Scottish castle has a rich and fascinating story. Whether it's the royal history of Edinburgh Castle or the intriguing tales of the Highland clans at Inverlochy, understanding the castle's past will enrich your overall experience.

Enjoying your Castle Stay

A castle stay is more than just a room for the night. It's an opportunity to immerse yourself in Scottish history, enjoy the breathtaking views of the Scottish landscape, and indulge in gourmet dining. To truly enjoy your castle stay, explore the castle grounds, engage with the staff, and take part in the local activities.

Castle hotels in Scotland typically offer a variety of onsite activities. You might find yourself going for a leisurely stroll in the castle gardens, playing a round of golf on a nearby course, or even joining a falconry display.

The staff at these castle hotels are usually well-versed in the castle's history. A chat with them can reveal fascinating stories and insights that you won't find in a guidebook. Plus, they can recommend the best local attractions and tours.

Scotland's castle hotels are renowned for their fine dining. Many have onsite restaurants that serve superb Scottish cuisine, often using locally sourced ingredients. Be sure to indulge in a meal or two during your stay.

Whether you're a history buff, a romantic, or simply looking for a unique travel experience, a stay in a Scottish castle offers an unforgettable retreat. With their rich history, stunning views, and luxurious rooms, Scottish castle hotels make for the perfect getaway. Just imagine waking up to the view of the Scottish highlands or going to sleep in a room that's been a part of history for centuries. The magic of Scotland is just a castle stay away.

The Castle Experience in Scotland

Apart from the luxury of a memorable stay, castle hotels in Scotland offer an extraordinary journey through time. The moment you step into the castle grounds, you feel as if you have walked into a different century. These historic properties are not just places for bed and breakfast. They offer a whole lot more – from exploring the vast castle grounds, to immersing in local culture and history, to indulging in fine dining at onsite restaurants, and even partaking in unique castle activities.

Imagine waking up to the breathtaking view of the Scottish Highlands from your room in Inverlochy Castle Hotel, or watching the sunset over Loch Ness from your castle window. Each castle hotel has its unique layout and design, imbibing the architectural style of the period it was built in. Therefore, every room and corner has its distinct character and charm.

Many castle hotels in Scotland also have their own restaurants, serving both traditional Scottish and international cuisines. The dining experience, often set in grand historic dining halls, adds to the overall castle experience. Menus are carefully curated, with an emphasis on locally sourced produce. In places like Fonab Castle, you can enjoy a sumptuous meal paired with a stunning view of the surrounding landscape.

There are also a variety of activities to indulge in during your castle stay. For example, many castle hotels are located near golf courses, and some even offer guided castle tours. Ackergill Tower, for instance, provides opportunities for wildlife spotting on its vast estate, while Edinburgh Castle offers guided tours to delve deeper into the royal history of Scotland.

Concluding Your Castle Stay

Your castle stay in Scotland is sure to be an unforgettable experience filled with grandeur, history, and beauty. As you head home, carry with you the memories of strolling through the ancient halls, learning about the fascinating histories, and waking up to the breathtaking views of the Scottish Highlands.

The United Kingdom, especially Scotland, is known for its wealth of history and culture. A castle stay adds an extra layer of authenticity to your travel, providing a glimpse into the country's rich past. Whether you're exploring the castle's grounds, soaking in the view from your room, or engaging with the stories of the past, your stay in a Scottish castle will be a unique and memorable part of your journey.

Remember to take plenty of pictures, not only to remember the stunning views but also to share your unique castle hotel experience with others. After all, how often do you get to live like a king or queen in a centuries-old castle?

Staying in a castle hotel in Scotland is more than just choosing a place to sleep. It's about stepping back in time, living history, savouring the grandeur of the surroundings, and enjoying the best of Scottish hospitality. So the next time you plan a trip to Scotland, why not consider a castle stay? It's probably the closest you'll get to feeling like royalty, and it's an experience you will cherish for a lifetime.